Owls and Fire Alarm

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There was smoke coming into our room. We knew that Ewald, our host was planning to light a fire for some BBQ tonight.

Then there was shouting in the hall way. JT opened the door and spotted some smoke. So we opened the window.

We were in bed blogging when we heard the fire siren in the village.

When the fire trucks pulled into the parking lot, we knew it was us.

Update 17:30: Ewald told us that someone had put logs of wood on the oven in the sauna. So when he switched it on, it caught fire.

Update 17:40: Helicopter landing.

Turns out the helicopter came for something else in the neighborhood, wtf

Distance downhill: 25 km

Total distance: 51508 m
Max elevation: 1906 m
Min elevation: 766 m
Total climbing: 5096 m
Total descent: -5063 m
Total Time: 04:54:49