Snowboarding in Zell am See (Austria)

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24 February 2018 till 3 March 2018 (8 days, 1 week). We rocked the gondola.

We preferred Kitzsteinhorn and went to Schmittenhöhe/ Zell am See only twice. Zell am See is crowded with beginners. It has 2 very nice black slopes, which we did not appreciate them snowboarding. Kitzsteinhorn has way better off-road possibilities. Due to the very low temperatures, the off-slope snow was unpleasant to ride.

Learned: Start at home at 3 am to be at Irschenberg early enough, before traffic jam starts. Get an appartment rather than a guesthouse to be able to cook in the evenings. Renting boots and helmet for 1 week is ridiculously expensive. Snowboarded till 2:30 and drove back without any traffic jam, arriving home before 22:30.

Day 8 – Last Day Snowboarding and Driving Home

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Final impressions. Very windy at altitude.

The Glacier.

Crash – only seconds before we arrived. Some people were still in their cars. Before ambulances and police arrived, JT rescued an elderly lady, who had steered her car into oncoming traffic.

No kissing.


Distance downhill: 25 km

Total distance: 50254 m
Max elevation: 2916 m
Min elevation: 1903 m
Total climbing: 4691 m
Total descent: -4615 m
Total Time: 03:36:48

Dropping JT off in Sauerlach to take S-Bahn and Flixbus to grandmother.

Sauerlach and the crash account to 15+30 minutes, so travelling back in 6:50 without any(!) traffic jam but empty roads.

Total distance: 745462 m
Max elevation: 790 m
Min elevation: 40 m
Total climbing: 2328 m
Total descent: -3033 m
Total Time: 07:20:22

Day 7 -Nothing Noteworthy

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Pretty warm weather – Fön windy, and many people at the gondolas in the morning. Since we know our way around, we found empty slopes.

A special welcome address from us:

Dutch are so organised. The bus is waiting at the bottom station, collecting boots, skis, boards separately. It looks like they go straight back home.

Distance downhill: 22 km

Total distance: 45933 m
Max elevation: 2928 m
Min elevation: 1914 m
Total climbing: 4782 m
Total descent: -4718 m
Total Time: 05:01:31

Owls and Fire Alarm

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There was smoke coming into our room. We knew that Ewald, our host was planning to light a fire for some BBQ tonight.

Then there was shouting in the hall way. JT opened the door and spotted some smoke. So we opened the window.

We were in bed blogging when we heard the fire siren in the village.

When the fire trucks pulled into the parking lot, we knew it was us.

Update 17:30: Ewald told us that someone had put logs of wood on the oven in the sauna. So when he switched it on, it caught fire.

Update 17:40: Helicopter landing.

Turns out the helicopter came for something else in the neighborhood, wtf

Distance downhill: 25 km

Total distance: 51508 m
Max elevation: 1906 m
Min elevation: 766 m
Total climbing: 5096 m
Total descent: -5063 m
Total Time: 04:54:49

Sunglasses and Friends

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“The Subject. Recognize a subject of a sentence when you see one. In a sentence, every verb must have a subject. If the verb expresses action—like sneeze, jump, bark, or study—the subject is who or what does the verb.”

JT broke her skiing glasses, so we bought new ones in Kaprun, on the way to the slopes.

A. left his glasses in the gondola. Immediately alerting the lift personnel and a phone call at the station at the bottom brought them back. An employee recovered them from the gondola.

Watch the Indian shirt in action!

We made friends.

Friends smelled left-over bread rolls in JT’s pocket.

Distance downhill: 25 km

Total distance: 49503 m
Max elevation: 2911 m
Min elevation: 1884 m
Total climbing: 5156 m
Total descent: -5065 m
Total Time: 05:03:45

Snowboarding was easy today

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Slightly warmer (-26° Celsius to -23° Celsius), no wind, nice sun in the afternoon.

We felt energetic, probably because we are now adjusted to the altitude.

Waiting at the bus stop at -10° Celsius.

Going up in the morning.

Unusual photo of Jeepli and the roof top tent.

Horror corner in Anette’s guesthouse.

Distance downhill: 29 km

Total distance: 56252 m
Max elevation: 2918 m
Min elevation: 1885 m
Total climbing: 5814 m
Total descent: -5722 m
Total Time: 05:31:12

Snowboarding at -27° Celsius

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No kidding. 65 km/h wind on top. Our max speed: 55 km/h.

How is the wind chill calculated?

Source: Bergfex

Even the Snickers found a warm place in the bread roll.

We made it a short day of only 4h of snowboarding. Downhill: 19 km

Total distance: 37663 m
Max elevation: 2914 m
Min elevation: 1890 m
Total climbing: 3823 m
Total descent: -3724 m
Total Time: 04:07:10

Snowboarding on Kitzsteinhorn

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Perfect weather.

Cold, but no wind. It was pleasant.

Sitting outside for lunch (rolls from buffet breakfast in Jausensäcken, as usual). After 15 minutes, we figured that sitting inside is more even pleasant.

Here is some video action. All was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8, not a GoPro!

Most funny:

Distance downhill: 25 km

Total distance: 52186 m
Max elevation: 2925 m
Min elevation: 1930 m
Total climbing: 5166 m
Total descent: -5132 m
Total Time: 05:59:21

Berlin to Zell am See and Snowboarding

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Somewhere, after waking up.A. slept the first 4h of driving, and JT slept afterwards. It’s nice to be able to take turns!

Ski room at Anette’s guesthouse in Zell am See.

Do not rock the gondola!


We stayed safe and did not rock the gondola.

Dinner at a local restaurant, 3 min from the guesthouse.

After arriving in Zell am See, we got 8-day ski passes, boots and helmet for JT and had our snowboards waxed and serviced: 604+109+82=795 Euro.

Then we did 8 km of downhill snowboarding. Not bad for the travel day.

Total distance: 28538 m
Max elevation: 1895 m
Min elevation: 778 m
Total climbing: 2036 m
Total descent: -2658 m
Total Time: 02:14:56

We lost 1h due to traffic jams. While before Nuremberg, we could see the traffic jam at Irschenberg pile up. Next time: Leave at 3 am.