For years, I hated taking photos. Carrying a chunky camera and shooting situations and people were not my concept of being. Conserving dead moments that were different from my memories were undesirable results.

People at home would ask time consuming questions which lead to repetitive stories. These stories became reality, the more I told them. Another undesirable result.

Smartphones and Wifi made their way into daily live Рeven while travelling. Tumblr made it easy to post photos and share with people at home. Whoever wanted to know could follow. Writing a blog with travel companions is fun. After 5 blogs on tumblr in 2012 and 2013, I wanted to improve on some functionality.

Memories fade away. I ignored this. I acknowledge now. Probably the hardest concession I had to make and which comes with this blog in the form of a solution.

Taking geocoded photos, writing some words, posting – this has become so easy that it would be stubborn not to use the technology and services. And it is fun!

Morocco 2013/2014 has been my first social travel. I finally seem to understand why sharing is beneficial.

This blog is about sharing. Across distances and time. I enjoy looking at my first tumblr blogs now. This blog will persist when my travelling ends.