For me, there seem to be 3 ways of travelling

  • escapist20 & credit card
  • 4WD
  • 8 hour physical

escapist20 & credit card – light weight immersion

escapist20 is my 20 liter rucksack for mountain biking. I used it to cross the alps in 2013 during 9 days and to travel Morocco in 2013/2014 during 14 days. No need to carry more. What does not fit must be bought or left.

The rucksack easily fits in any hand luggage rack in planes or busses and can be carried travelling on a motor bike. It is light weight enough for walking around town before finding a place to sleep or when hitch hiking. It fits in lockers when staying in hostels.

Advantages: max. flexibility – go where ever opportunities lead you, come as a poor traveller, total immersion.

Disadvantages: restricted to public transport and to supply of food and shelter.

4WD – independence for remote areas

Since 17 January 2014, 4WD (Four-wheel drive) is a Nissan Pathfinder, 2008 model.

Inspired by the Navara Double Cab that we hired in Namibia in 2009, this car is meant to be the main fun enabler for the next years: Jump in, go. Kite surfing, Mountain biking. Eastern Europe. Get to places not reachable by public transport.

As of January 2014, the car is “naked” – not yet equipped with any survival gear. Stay tuned on how the Pathfinder will get equipped over time!

Advantages: Mobile home base with all resources – from water, fuel and shelter to tele-communications and tele-portation. Great fun in rough terrain.

Disadvantages: Distance to the people and to the country visited. Cost. Needs maintenance – which is NOT my strength!

8 hour physical – meditation

Starting early in the morning knowing that the day will be filled with physical activity and that a good meal and sleeping in a warm bed are the goals.

Nothing more – except for the inner monologue and meditation which are hardly ever the same. Not between subsequent days of activities, not between yearly recurring events and not between different forms of sport.

8 hours of physical activity are a journey of its own. A journey of extreme intensity and purity.Uncompromisingly and mercilessly – myself.

Advantages: Can be done on the weekend and even on weekdays. No cost, just time.

Disadvantages: The need for time and energy. Long work hours are counter-productive. Motivation to start is always and will always remain a barrier. “To overcome one’s weaker self” – the German Schweinehund is more metaphorical.


I found my ways of travelling.