Couchsurfing in Vilnius

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Egle invited us to stay in her mother’s house for 9 days. Her mother and brother are travelling. How cool is this!?

She stayed with a friend from Lithuania in our home earlier. Couchsurfing works great!


He was awaited!

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You won’t believe how full one of those can be!!!

With empty bottles of Vodka and other stuff floating.

Within 5 minutes, HE solved the problem.



Alarm at the Russian border

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When the alarm on the Russian side went off, most Russian officials ran and we had to get back into the car.

The entire procedureto cross the border took 3 hours because the Lithuanians are so slow. There were 2 lanes open – one for EU passports and the other for non-EU – each taking 6 cars. So blocks of 6 were called – every 20-40 minutes.

Rotten Russia

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Turning around from the proud tanks, here is where the money should have gone.

Russia is incredibly rotten. There is not a single place which shows that the people are caring.

No changes compared to my last visit in 1998.

Jantarnij Kombinat

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Not sure whether the historic look was deliberately chosen. A nice, even more historical wall painting shows “Dresdner Bank” and other German buildings right next to the Kombinat.

A Hermes truck leaving the gate.

Don’t do this

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Уважаемые гости! Просьба туалетом и раковиной пользоваться по назначению! Не мыться! (это не душевая) Будьте аккуратнее С уважением админис ция«галеры»

Dear guests! Please use the toilet and sink on purpose! Do not wash! (Not shower) Be careful with respect administration “galley”

I like Google!

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