Watching a Kathakali Show

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Before the show, you can watch the artists do their make-up.

Bascially, he was sitting there grimacing.

The eye-rolling was amazing though.

The second part of the show was a pantomime dialogue.

As always, when weapons are present, there is murder going on.

Religious Procession

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Wild dancers and drummers come first.

Then come ladies with nice flower arrangements.

The comes the main character. She is pulling a little wagon with an altar – with hooks inserted into her back skin.

Her mouth is perforated with metal bars.

Then come nice umbrellas.

“The attendants are devout Hindus and they are all prepared to undergo physical austerity practices as a sign of devotion to the Hindu god of war, Lord Murugan.

They take part in public processions, carrying pots or brass jugs of milk on their head, piercing their cheeks, doing prostrations or performing the kavadi dance whilst carrying a yoke – essentially a portable altar – on their shoulders.

Some of the dancers have been pierced with hooks on their backs and have a spear pricked through their cheeks.

The festival is also celebrated in countries outside of India and is known as Thaipusam in Southeast Asia.” Source: MailOnline

Kumily to Munnar

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Total distance: 115886 m
Max elevation: 1701 m
Min elevation: 827 m
Total climbing: 2289 m
Total descent: -1848 m
Total Time: 11:24:40

Smartphone broken

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A’s smartphone did not survive being a navigational system on an Royal Enfield Bullet 350. The upper part of the display has ceased to react to finger movements.

I will wait for the battery to die and restart. But probably, I will have to buy a new one.

The unfinished track will remain – so no route for today.

Kumily – Munnar was 115 km.

Update 30 Dec 2017: GalaxyS8 has a new display! Thanks to Samsung Service Center in Kochi. The track is recovered! Hooray.

Arrived in Munnar

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This town has not waited for us either. High season – all full. We checked 10+ places.

Finally, we found a pretty run-down room for 2.500 Rupies at a homestay. The manager asked to keep our passports. No. He wanted to go to town do copies. No, we do the copies. He wanted advance payment. We promised to get money from an ATM (although knowing more or less that we would not be successful, since we found only ATMs which had run out of cash during the holidays). Manager called the owner again and again. We agreed on 20 Euros security deposit.

Owner said over the phone: “Pay advance or check out.”

We left the place to check a hotel nearby. And found a room for 2.500 Rupies.

Manager did not want to return the 20 Euros. Owner talked about us having used the room. A. informed him that we were calling the police and hung up the phone.

Manager gave us the 20 Euros instantly.

Catholicism and Islam at Work

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Lit-up Joseph and decorated Jesus?

Church with a drive-buy offertory.

They like these multi-story things here. Again, “my” Jesus.

Mosque built on a layer of shops.

Walking Around Kumily

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A got ill. Yesterday’s ride was too much and a flue kicked in.

We need a rest day.

Total distance: 6270 m
Max elevation: 986 m
Min elevation: 873 m
Total climbing: 157 m
Total descent: -154 m
Total Time: 04:02:31

Book a Tiger?

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A. really wants to see a tiger.

Everyone in Kumily says, that there are 35-40 tigers, but you will not be able to spot them.

Book a T

Kottarakara to Kumily 

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Total distance: 152591 m
Max elevation: 1095 m
Min elevation: 9 m
Total climbing: 2395 m
Total descent: -1539 m
Total Time: 07:25:22

Fighting to get to Kumily

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This ride was too long!

152 km. Last hour was in the dark (no, you should not do it!).

We underestimated the lentgh and low average speed: 26 km/h (driving) or 20 km/h pauses included.

Roads are just too crowded to go faster.

Dirty face in Kumily.

Boy in a Village

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Today, for the first time, we took a small road through some more remote and poorer villages – see the funny detour on the map.

So far, Kerala looks rich. Many houses are big and well maintained.

Varkala to Kottarakara 

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Total distance: 87141 m
Max elevation: 109 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 847 m
Total descent: -839 m
Total Time: 06:15:58

Father Christman Everywhere

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This first guy looks rather intimidating.

This one would dance after you clap! The store owner ran out and clapped when he saw us take the photo.


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Boring to see that we have the same breakfast every day, right?

Lunch usually is not much different. Same Same.

Bathroom to wash hands. Spot the shaver and the toothpaste?

We have developed some skills eating with our right hand.

Finding Breakfast in Varkala 

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Total distance: 5246 m
Max elevation: 45 m
Min elevation: 11 m
Total climbing: 61 m
Total descent: -63 m
Total Time: 01:14:17

Drive from Amaritapuri Ashram to Varkala Beach

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Total distance: 72460 m
Max elevation: 45 m
Min elevation: -6 m
Total climbing: 462 m
Total descent: -462 m
Total Time: 06:06:02
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