Off-road in the Carpathians

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21 April 2018 till 1st May 2018 (10 days, 1.5 weeks)

We traveled 3.233 km and 7 countries: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, (Romania), Hungary, Slovakia, (Poland and Germany). We spent 5 nights in Ukraine, 2 nights in Poland and Romania, and 1 night in Moldova and Slovakia each.

Ukrainian and Slovakian are so close to Polish that AW could not only handle all communications but was able to chat with people at will. People in Moldova ask if you speak Russian.

One liter of diesel in Moldova is 0.85 Euro, in Ukraine 1.08 Euro, but similar in price to Germany in Romania, Slovakia and Poland.

Measured over 812 km while off-road driving in Romania and overland roads till Poland, Jeepli consumed 10.1 liters/ 100 km – with mud-terrain tires and fully loaded.

Learned: Satu Mare (Romania) to Berlin via Pàrcin (Hungary/ border village with Slovakia) and Polish motorways is a good route: No motorways in Hungary and Slovakia, i.e. no vignette required. Pàrcin is forbidden for over 3.5 t vehicles, i.e. no trucks.

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