Off-Road in Croatia

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25 March till 2 April 2016 (1 week).

Just Joh and I, escaping for a week. Turns out we drove 3.520 km in one week. Most of the off-road tracks in Croatia are easy to drive – or barred. Wild camping was not permitted anywhere but no problem. We became the perfect location scouts for wild camping sites.

We travelled Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hervegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czeck Republic and Germany, i.e. 8 countries. We bought several highway vignettes (except for Slovakia, which we skipped because we were tired of paying) and learned a lot about the countries histories thanks to Joh’s research and data packets. We paid in Kuna (Croatia), Konvertible Mark (Bosnia and Hervegovina), Forint (Hungary), Koruna (Czech Republic) and Euro.