Valparai to Pollachi

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We had beers and fake Barcardi with Arun and Deepthi,  an Indian couple. He owns several companies and an African Twin. She is a medical doctor. They might visit us in Berlin. The picture shows how we felt the next morning.

Tea workers taking a break having tea, what else!?

Elephants promised again. Spraying not permitted. Aha, chemicals in use.

Fresh proof of elephants!

Sprayers and chemically treated area.

We entered a school and had some nice interaction with students and teachers. The students were shy and would not dare to give hands at first or hide when we attempted to take photos. Later, things relaxed and they posed.

Lunch break at 12:30. Boys go pee in the fields. Girls went to another building down the hill.

Promising panther on top

A satellite dish! Where did this come from?

Again washing (with shampoo) in a waterfall. Indians are 60+ years (2 generations) away from being eco-minded.

We did not figure out what this was

Attempt to go off-road. Failes. A Royal Enfield Bullet with 2 riders is useless on unpaved roads.

Coconut remains are processed here. Shredding, drying, compacting. The fluffy stuff goes into mattresses.

If there is a Black Forest, there must be a White Forest.

Gandhi watching the traffic.

Meds in a supermarket stored in numbered boxes and without original boxes.

We decided to stay in Tamil Nadu since it is more rough than Kerala.

Total distance: 83748 m
Max elevation: 1464 m
Min elevation: 244 m
Total climbing: 1710 m
Total descent: -2505 m
Total Time: 05:42:10