Religious Procession

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Wild dancers and drummers come first.

Then come ladies with nice flower arrangements.

The comes the main character. She is pulling a little wagon with an altar – with hooks inserted into her back skin.

Her mouth is perforated with metal bars.

Then come nice umbrellas.

“The attendants are devout Hindus and they are all prepared to undergo physical austerity practices as a sign of devotion to the Hindu god of war, Lord Murugan.

They take part in public processions, carrying pots or brass jugs of milk on their head, piercing their cheeks, doing prostrations or performing the kavadi dance whilst carrying a yoke – essentially a portable altar – on their shoulders.

Some of the dancers have been pierced with hooks on their backs and have a spear pricked through their cheeks.

The festival is also celebrated in countries outside of India and is known as Thaipusam in Southeast Asia.” Source: MailOnline