Arrived in Munnar

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This town has not waited for us either. High season – all full. We checked 10+ places.

Finally, we found a pretty run-down room for 2.500 Rupies at a homestay. The manager asked to keep our passports. No. He wanted to go to town do copies. No, we do the copies. He wanted advance payment. We promised to get money from an ATM (although knowing more or less that we would not be successful, since we found only ATMs which had run out of cash during the holidays). Manager called the owner again and again. We agreed on 20 Euros security deposit.

Owner said over the phone: “Pay advance or check out.”

We left the place to check a hotel nearby. And found a room for 2.500 Rupies.

Manager did not want to return the 20 Euros. Owner talked about us having used the room. A. informed him that we were calling the police and hung up the phone.

Manager gave us the 20 Euros instantly.