Terebleche (Ukraine) to Costești (Moldova)

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Call a butcher, what it is.

How different supermarkets are in Romania.

Damn is the border road between Romania and Moldova.

AW wanted to see what Moldova looks like, so we went.

We wanted to take this ferry, but it seems not operational at this point.

German way of preparing the fireplace: Wood cut into different qualities, a hole for the fire (it is very windy), the tools back into place.

Polish way of presenting ingredients for our goulash.

Spot the difference on the car!

The dog adopted us, so he got some bread dipped in goulash. AW spoiled him and he protected us from wild animals, probably.

Total distance: 130287 m
Max elevation: 350 m
Min elevation: 74 m
Total climbing: 783 m
Total descent: -974 m
Total Time: 06:21:53