Pácin (Hungary) to Szczryk (Poland)

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Different flavours served.

We went all the way up to the ski lift station and tried to find a place for the night. Crossing an earth wall, we got stuck. No only once, but we really tried to get over it – and finally failed with the body solidly sitting on the earth wall. Time spent: 45 minutes.

Due to trees, it was only possible to attack the earth wall in an acute angle but had to turn towards rectangular angle (white tree!)  to get over the wall. This was the moment when the car slid and sat.

What a great occasion to use the Hi-Lift for the first time!

Lifting the car (see how nicely the body is free on this side now!) and putting stones under the wheel was easy. Time spent: 3 minutes.

This is when the problems started. The Hi-Lift would not move down again.

We ended up driving slowly backwards, until the Hi-Lift fell on the ground and could be removed. Time spent: 20 minutes.

Analysis: Hi-Lift must stand upright. It was probably tilted too much towards the car, so it did not slide down although the car was standing on it.

Altogether, we spent over 70 minutes finding the nice sleeping place unreachable.

Total distance: 500905 m
Max elevation: 863 m
Min elevation: 109 m
Total climbing: 2485 m
Total descent: -1822 m
Total Time: 11:29:28