Livezile (Romania) to Pácin (Hungary)

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Today was a perfect off-road driving day.

We tried to reach Nepos through the woods (see beginning of the map), but did not find a way through.

Finally, we encountered this taxi and followed its traces in the opposite direction – across fields, without track.

Suddenly, EU money traces. In the middle of nowhere!

On a private property(!), there were these nice table and benches – with “EU funded” signs.

OK, OK, here is more: Nice hiking trails on a map of the area. So the EU funded tourism.

AW baked a cake. How loveleee.

My favorite border in Europe. A small road, just 2 signs for the countries, and no trucks allowed.

We checked again this time: There is NOTHING to see in Hungary AT ALL. All houses are the same. Hills have never been deployed.

Private anal.

Shortly after the border and before darkness.

Disguised person is protected from mosquitos.

Total distance: 346289 m
Max elevation: 635 m
Min elevation: 105 m
Total climbing: 1298 m
Total descent: -1744 m
Total Time: 11:16:21