Kalush to Delyatyn

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Morning routine in  Limnytsia river.


Visiting Stepan Bandera’s memorial. Stepan Andriyovych Bandera was a Ukrainian political activist and a leader of the nationalist and independence movement of Ukraine.

Stepan’s neighbor’s gumboots.

Welcome to the carpathians in Ukraine.

Yay, bears ahead!!!

Scenic viewpoint tower – we skipped this one.

Ooops, barred.

🙂 Went around the bar.

Socialism-style supermarket with empty shelves and few products standing at the front rim.

This is unexpected.

Black Jack, LoL. With a Wiskey Taste, LoL.

After AW operated it out: A. had caught a tick, and the surrounding of the tick was already clearly red, inflammated.

It took some vodka to desinfect, and to dig the head out, which was rapidly disappearing in the flesh. AW did an excellent job!

Next to buy for Jeepli: Desinfectant and a tick remover.

Total distance: 105060 m
Max elevation: 1000 m
Min elevation: 270 m
Total climbing: 1406 m
Total descent: -1080 m
Total Time: 06:16:06