Delyatyn to Terebleche

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By-passing a bar. Very nice off-road driving today!

Zoom in to find out what he is doing.

Of course, champagne (Ukrainian style) and vodka. We contributed our bottle of Polish vodka.

The young, pregnant, drinking girl will get married next weekend. The tent is built for the party, which expects 200 guests.

This can be Ukraine too: Guest house, gardener, luxury.

Stuck in mud. This situation looks easier on the photo than it was. It was raining quite heavily and the car just slid down hill from the track into the grass. There was no way to drive back up into the track.

When the mud got deeper, there was a decision to take: Go full speed, or return.

After some 400 meters of full speed and heavy skidding in mud and grass – uphill, we managed.

This is how mud-terrain tires work: When they get clogged, they must rotate at high speed so the mud flies off. Going too slow is just like sliding downhill with clogged normal tires. You end up where the hill ends, probably with no space to manoeuver and take up speed.

Attempted to cross the border to Romania, but the queue was too long. So we are staying in the fields and will give it another try at night or early morning.

Total distance: 203569 m
Max elevation: 639 m
Min elevation: 290 m
Total climbing: 1652 m
Total descent: -1794 m
Total Time: 11:01:07