Costești (Moldova) to Livezile (Romania)

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Diesel in Moldova is 85 Cent/liter.

Back in Romania. They have coffee machines everywhere – and no bars in smaller villages.

Staying in an apple trees’ plantation.

Night incident with torch: After settling down, a tractor and trailer with 2 Romanians passed by on their way back from cutting wood. Everybody waved. We grilled. They passed by another time – empty trailer – and came back full trailer a second time. Everybody waved again and shouted “Hello”. The Romanian way of being friendly.

1 hour after darkness, we were almost asleep, a car passed by. From the passenger window, someone was searching something with a torch. He searched in our direction, but apparently had missed us. The car turned after 200m and came back, again searching with the torch, but more slowly now. And spotted us and tunred off the torch. He stopped at the minimal distance and switched on the torch, so we were in full light beam.

The torch went off, the car went.

Now what?

Adrenaline kicked in. We listened and watched. Nothing happened.

A. climbed down to get our torch.

We listened more and watched more. The most likely theory we came up with: The lumberjacks met the owner of the plantation and told him about us camping and making a fire. Since he probably cared about his property, he wanted to check himself. The fact that he did not find us right away means that the torch man was not any of the wood men.

We figured that criminals would not live out here, in this area of scattered farms and that any usual local criminal action is surely not robbery, or even armed robbery.

So we fell asleep.

Total distance: 309695 m
Max elevation: 1195 m
Min elevation: 83 m
Total climbing: 2951 m
Total descent: -2451 m
Total Time: 09:10:04