Displaying all Photos in a Map

All Photos geotagged? Display them in a map! The process is entirely automatic. Just generate the post with a¬†shortcode like this [ccccccodepeople-post-map cat=”36″] (without the many “c”, of course!). That’s it. The¬†Wordpress Plugin “CodePeople Post Map” (Professional version) extracts Lat/Lon … Read More

Generating Tracks for Navigation
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Fed up with other people’s tracks? Want to generate your own? Here is how. Scenario 1 – offline with minimal equipment: Use LocusPro to assemble the track (screenshot shows final result). This is easy and straight forward – no need … Read More

Tracking and Publishing the Tracks
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It finally works! Hover over the second diagram to see “me” moving. You can zoom in the first diagram to get more detail – then hover again and see the first diagram moving! Cool. [breadcrumbs track=”143018″] These are the technologies … Read More