Jeepli Day

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There’s always a long list of ideas for improvements. Today, some were finally implemented:

  1. Rails to keep the boxes from moving
  2. The ladder found its place
  3. Find a place for the water tank
  4. Tap and hose for the water tank
  5. Small boxes in the food box
  6. Replace the broken “dirty box” by a new box
  7. Find a solution for the electric box

The ladder slides nicely between the boxes.

Velcro® tape will hold the boxes and some of the cables and pieces in the electric box. I bought 6m of tape, some with a sticky back. That’s a to do for another rainy Sunday.

The old red “dirty box” was broken and too dirty, so it had to be replaced. Finding a 35 cm box to replace it in its old position turned out difficult. So I bought the fifth big grey box as the middle box in the center row of 3 grey boxes.

Exploring Lower Silesia

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3 March 2017 till 6 March 2017 (2.5 days).

Analyze a randomly chosen (almost) area located at a maximum 3 hour drive from Berlin for future off-road travels.

The results

  • Lower Silesia is a beautiful part of Poland, offering lots of castles and some hills. Coming from Berlin, Lower Silesia has the best combination of altitude and freedom to drive off-road.
  • Many places, mud was too deep to drive. The snow had melted shortly before, many fields had lakes of water and the soil was too wet.
  • Mud terrain tires would have helped a little. The terrain is muddy, not sandy like in the north of Poland.
  • The shovel definitively helped once.

Short Trips in Lower Silesia

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Total distance: 261101 m
Max elevation: 210 m
Min elevation: 17 m
Total climbing: 1225 m
Total descent: -1039 m
Total Time: 02:57:20
Total distance: 71657 m
Max elevation: 822 m
Min elevation: 212 m
Total climbing: 1494 m
Total descent: -1299 m
Total Time: 05:23:29
Total distance: 228697 m
Max elevation: 811 m
Min elevation: 210 m
Total climbing: 3035 m
Total descent: -3173 m
Total Time: 07:11:58
Total distance: 286046 m
Max elevation: 248 m
Min elevation: 31 m
Total climbing: 1412 m
Total descent: -1609 m
Total Time: 02:52:11

Christmas and New Year’s Off Roading in Sicily

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23 December 2016 till 13 January 2017 (3 weeks).

We gave Italy a second chance for off road driving. And Italy did a good job!

Sicily clearly levels up with Andalusia in off road driving. There is a plethora of small roads and paths without barriers or signs telling you not to go. Sicily does not have too steep hills, so driving by cardinal direction works quite well. Andalusia has more “Sierras” – plains, which are fun to drive because of the spectacular view. Andalusia was warmer than Sicily, but this might just be bad luck for Sicily.

6th January is a holiday in Italy, so shops in Palermo were mostly closed. It would have been nice to rent bicycles in Palermo, since traffic on the holiday was low as well – but the weather was horrible. So, holiday plus ice storms in Palermo was just the wrong combo.

Sleeping in the wild is no problem at all. Except for the tip of Sicily near Messina, wild camping was easy everywhere, even on beaches.

Sicily is dirty in some areas. People toss their household garbage on small streets. We even witnesses an elderly couple stop, throw a huge plastic bag out of the trunk and continue their journey. Incredibile!

The south is generally warmer, whereas the north had some of the most severe storms that we have encountered so far. Minus 1 degree Celsius was the minimum – quite comfy in the new Ikea cover! Wetter Online is, again, our friend and helped us stay out of catastrophic weather for several days.

We rented an appartment for 2 nights to wash ourselves and the clothes – and to insert a “home office” working day. This home office working day was announced to our colleagues in the offices. We both felt that we were very productive.

Berlin – Pfaffenbühl – (Husertal – Sicily – Berne – Husertal) – Berlin: 6.000 km (from/to Husertal)


Berne to Husertal

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After another home office day in Berne, where Joh lives when she works in Berne, which she did today, we returned home to Husertal.

Total distance: 142402 m
Max elevation: 655 m
Min elevation: 386 m
Total climbing: 1114 m
Total descent: -939 m
Total Time: 01:39:08

Rovio to Berne, Switzerland

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