Rammstein live in Horsens, Denmark

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25 May till 26 May 2017 (2 days).

What an experience to see them live!

The concert was not sold out. Enough space for everybody, even close to the stage. The Danish are not very lively, so the atmosphere was rather calm. But still worth the trip.

JT and A had great fun driving around Denmark. Sondrup area has a typical Danish doll’s house atmosphere, where wild camping is possible and often permitted in designated areas (Danish definition of wild applies). East and south of Christiansfeld, which we explored on the way back, caters horrible mass tourism in high season. Not worth going at all.

Denmark is the new winner: Worst off-road country in Europe! We did not intend to go off-road, since this was not an off-road trip. Of course, we tried. Agricultural fields are accessible from paved roads. Trees between fields are not woods, they serve as wind brakers. Woods are barred from entry. Always. You can’t go off-road in a doll’s house.

1.341 km is a lot for 2 days.

Day 1

Total distance: 615464 m
Max elevation: 161 m
Min elevation: 11 m
Total climbing: 2868 m
Total descent: -2876 m
Total Time: 13:06:53

Day 2

Total distance: 726971 m
Max elevation: 171 m
Min elevation: 23 m
Total climbing: 4032 m
Total descent: -4023 m
Total Time: 13:40:05

The photos – zoom in to find them:


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When the kids were small, we used “Schmusebacke” as a term of affection.

We made a detour to get this photo!