Exploring Jura Mountains

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7 April till 9 April 2017 (2 days).

Find off-road driving spaces near Zurich – as close as possible, so we have options for weekends.

Joh picked me up at the airport on Friday evening. She had prepared a 2-day trip in France and had selected the spot to spend the first night, only a few kilometers after the border with Switzerland.

We ended up driving 3 hours for less than 1 km, getting stuck twice and working through a difficult passage once.

The Jura Mountains in France are definitively an off-road area!

Day 1

Total distance: 121531 m
Max elevation: 812 m
Min elevation: 249 m
Total climbing: 3156 m
Total descent: -2890 m
Total Time: 06:16:56

Day 2

Total distance: 303264 m
Max elevation: 1090 m
Min elevation: 424 m
Total climbing: 4279 m
Total descent: -4287 m
Total Time: 10:07:43

The photos – zoom in to find them:

Exploring Lower Silesia 2

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30 March till 2 April 2017 (2.5 days)

Continue to explore Lower Silesia and test the new equipment.

Kleinmachnow – Kłodzko – Kleinmachnow: 986 km

The photos – zoom in to find them:

Big Broz

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Getting inspired…

These are a replicas!

(Translation by Google from the Polish website)
This memory is remembered by Jerzy Mazur, the first Pole to beat the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1988. She led then through the deserts and the hinterlands of northern and western Africa. Jerzy Mazur made it on a Star 266 truck produced in a factory that no longer exists in Starachowice.

After the liquidation of the plant he tried to buy back the truck. Unfortunately, it was sold earlier somewhere in the Bieszczady Mountains, where it was said to have been used to transport cut trees. Jerzy Mazur did not give up and used the archival photographs, built a faithful replica of the old 266 from Dakar. You can admire the truck in the private Museum of Mining and Motor Sports Jerzy Mazur at ul. Ayrton Senny in Walbrzych. Recently there was another unique exhibit. This is a faithful replica of the Star 266c Unistar truck. Such Mazur vehicle was to take part in the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1989.


Profesjonalny dobór bielizny

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It is often the case that when choosing bras, women pay greater attention to the choice of color and style, while the basis is to choose the right size. The first step to a good fit is the circumference under the bust.

Find all about it here.

Reverse Gear on Ice

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Pure ice – not possible to walk. I could barely stop the car.

Shovel needed again. The storage under the roof top tent is perfect!

Walking ahead showed the slopes prepared by a snow groomer and possibly to deep to drive. Anyway, not being able to drive up again, it would have been stupid to go.

Jeepli Day 2

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Jeepli spent several days at Allradscheune Trebbin to enjoy some mechanical wizardry:

  1. Waffle boards, hi-lift and spade now disappear below the roof top tent
  2. Allradscheune Trebbin custom built a cage from perforated metal plate
  3. All equipment is secured by a tension belt, which is very easy to open
  4. The spade holds the waffle boards apart.


Allradscheune Trebbin did a wonderful job! Their solution is absolutely elegant:

  1. All dirty equipment stays out of the car
  2. All pieces are fixed with bolts and nuts
  3. The tension belt and the hi-lift can be secured with a padlock
  4. The car’s roof is now significantly reinforced. They found it turned into and a bolt torn off.


While they were at it, this was repaired/ replaced:

  1. Both front ball joints
  2. Valve cover gasket


Tension belt holds everything:

Open access from rear:

The perforated metal plate cage sits below the railing:

Totally invisible from the side!

Front part of the cage proposes to mount additional headlights!

Driving to Seebodenalp and Walking Around Seebodenalp

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Total distance: 34132 m
Max elevation: 1021 m
Min elevation: 416 m
Total climbing: 786 m
Total descent: -419 m
Total Time: 00:33:36
Total distance: 4368 m
Max elevation: 1040 m
Min elevation: 1017 m
Total climbing: 100 m
Total descent: -102 m
Total Time: 01:22:56

Jeepli Day

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There’s always a long list of ideas for improvements. Today, some were finally implemented:

  1. Rails to keep the boxes from moving
  2. The ladder found its place
  3. Find a place for the water tank
  4. Tap and hose for the water tank
  5. Small boxes in the food box
  6. Replace the broken “dirty box” by a new box
  7. Find a solution for the electric box

The ladder slides nicely between the boxes.

Velcro® tape will hold the boxes and some of the cables and pieces in the electric box. I bought 6m of tape, some with a sticky back. That’s a to do for another rainy Sunday.

The old red “dirty box” was broken and too dirty, so it had to be replaced. Finding a 35 cm box to replace it in its old position turned out difficult. So I bought the fifth big grey box as the middle box in the center row of 3 grey boxes.

Exploring Lower Silesia

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3 March 2017 till 6 March 2017 (2.5 days).

Analyze a randomly chosen (almost) area located at a maximum 3 hour drive from Berlin for future off-road travels.

The results

  • Lower Silesia is a beautiful part of Poland, offering lots of castles and some hills. Coming from Berlin, Lower Silesia has the best combination of altitude and freedom to drive off-road.
  • Many places, mud was too deep to drive. The snow had melted shortly before, many fields had lakes of water and the soil was too wet.
  • Mud terrain tires would have helped a little. The terrain is muddy, not sandy like in the north of Poland.
  • The shovel definitively helped once.

Short Trips in Lower Silesia

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Total distance: 261101 m
Max elevation: 210 m
Min elevation: 17 m
Total climbing: 1225 m
Total descent: -1039 m
Total Time: 02:57:20
Total distance: 71657 m
Max elevation: 822 m
Min elevation: 212 m
Total climbing: 1494 m
Total descent: -1299 m
Total Time: 05:23:29