Offroad in the Carpathians

23 July till 23 August 2016 (32 days, 4.5 weeks!).

Joh and I exploring the Carpathians.

We drove 7.020 km in total. From Berlin through Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Transnistria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia back to Poland. We met JT and KM in south east Poland and drove with them through Ukraine for 5 days, leaving them in Romania (EU!). We returned via Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to Berlin.

We spent 15 days in Romania and 12 days in Ukraine. Both countries are absolutely safe to stay, drive and camp in the wild.

Wild camping is possible in all countries we traveled. In Slovakia, we even got a border police officer’s OK for it! We spent money only¬†for 1 night at Katharina and Herman Kurmes.

Offroad driving is excellent in Romania and prevalent in Ukraine. Even road classified yellow in OSM can be pure offroad paths in Ukraine.